About John Banks

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on-the-farmJohn Banks will put the ‘local’ back into local government.

From his time back on the old Birkenhead Borough Council John learned how small local communities work and his experience on the original Auckland Regional Authority gave him the insight on how local interests can best be represented at a regional level.

As a constituency Member of Parliament for 18 years John dealt with people with family problems and helped them reach their goals. He learned to appreciate the needs of diverse suburban, urban, rural and ethnic communities.

He is a former Minister of Local Government, so he understands how the machinery of Wellington can be harnessed to work for a Greater Auckland.

As a former Minister of Police he knows how to deliver you a safer city.

Banksie was an award winning talkback host for many years, he listens to people and cares about what they believe.

As a two term Mayor of Auckland City, John Banks knows the opportunity that has now been given to us with the new council for a Greater Auckland. It’s the opportunity, he reckons, to restore local decision making to true grassroot levels by empowering the new local boards that represent your community.

John is a partner of several New Zealand and Australian companies, including a KiwiSaver provider and a Trans-Tasman business consultancy. For thirty years he was a partner in the highly successful Tony’s Restaurant Group, with a key role in building and restoring numerous neighbourhood eateries and taverns.

John has a smart head for business and he knows how to invest in Auckland to make it a desirable, prosperous and exciting place for us to live and work, while keeping your rates affordable.

You might have known him as a local councillor, a businessman, a member of Parliament, a Cabinet Minister, a Mayor, a mentor or a supporter of charities. One thing has always been the case with John – no matter what he’s been doing – he is a straight talker who says what he means and does what he says.

Yes, his early life was tough. He is ‘self-made’, and that means he knows the value of a dollar – he’s proud of that. He has always been a battler for the underdog.

John’s a family man, married to Amanda (a pharmacist) with three children. He is a strong supporter of the charitable work done by many service clubs in Auckland. He is privileged to be a Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary International and a life member of the Lloyd Morgan Lions Club Charitable Trust. John was awarded the Companion of the Queens Service Order for Public Service and he is a dedicated campaigner for animal rights and welfare.

With his vision, experience and humanity John Banks will help make Auckland not just a good city but given your support, a Great city.