Banksie Bulletin A vision For Transport/

If there is one reason why we need to get this supercity right it is to get transport working properly.

It’s an issue that impacts on all of us and in the past we have struggled. But now we have an opportunity to get it sorted.

We need to get our motorway network completed- urgently. This city is second only to Los Angeles in terms of the number of cars per capita and it is also the second most spread- out city.

Six out of 10 North Shore residents travel outside their area every day in a week. Efficient public transport is critical. The successful Northern Busway is a great model we must replicate throughout greater Auckland.

Recently, I met a young woman from Henderson who drives every day to study in Manukau. It would cost her almost $20 to catch two buses and a train using three different tickets. It’s cheaper and faster to drive. That’s not good enough.

We need an integrated ticketing system allowing one smart card for us on buses , ferries, trains and even council carparks.

But one transport network that isn’t congested, even at peak hours, is the harbour. We need to improve ferry services and facilities. Locals in Half Moon Bay say a couple of extra sailings would increase their choices significantly. Why not?

I support the electrification of our trains and an inner-city loop from Britomart to Mt Eden. It would make the CBD accessible to 370,000 people by trips of 30 minutes or less.

I have a vision of a quick rail link with a one-stop terminal in the heart of the city from to the airport, with check-in services like those in London.

I’d like to see rail included in any proposal for a future harbour crossing too, plus access for pedestrians and cyclists, most likely across the existing bridge.

I visited the Manukau harbour crossing project recently. It is on budget and ahead of time. It’s a fantastic example of how we can get things done quickly when we all work together.

More and more people are choosing to walk or cycle, so we must accommodate your needs too. Walkers and cyclists have a right to feel safe. We need a network of cycleways, while measures like red-light cameras, walking school buses and school speed zones will help look after pedestrians -especially children.

Greater Auckland is a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise families. the new council mist deliver safe and efficient transport choices that enable us all to enjoy our great city.”