Liquor Laws Should Not Penalise All

Liquor Laws Should Not Penalise All

Auckland Mayor John Banks has welcomed the Law Commission’s report on the effects of alcohol and has praised it for recommending local communities have a say on where and when alcohol can be sold.

“The great thing about the Super City is that we can give more say to local boards so they can deal with concerns in their neighborhood.

“Local boards can help tighten liquor rules in communities where alcohol problems are obvious – for example South Auckland – and not impact on other areas that benefit from a vibrant nightlife.”

Mayor Banks says we must be careful not to punish everyone for the mishaps of a few.

“We should not use the law as a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. Rather than penalise good operators with compliance costs and taxes for all, we should focus on the problem licensees and drinkers who break the rules.

“Why not have tougher penalties for those who are arrested for problem drinking or breaking the sale of liquor laws?

“In many parts of Auckland, the local restaurants and cafes are places for responsible socialising. We want to encourage this kind of good operator.”

Mayor Banks says he hopes changes to legislation will be introduced after the Rugby World Cup next year.

“If Auckland is to be a premier host city and a true internationally competitive metropolis, we must have sensible liquor licensing laws. The Rugby World Cup will be a test of whether or not we have grown up when it comes to liquor. We do not want to fail.”


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